COVID Safe Pest Extermination in Colorado

Pests aren’t going to stop invading your home just because a pandemic is taking place, and you might find yourself dealing with any number of rodents or insects on your property in the next few months. We understand just how frustrating those infestations can be, and that is why we are proud to provide our clients with safe and effective pest control treatments. Here at Colorado Pest Pros, we have come up with comprehensive guidelines that all of our employees must follow to keep our clients safe during these unusual times. If you are in need of pest control services, then we invite you to contact us today to learn more about what steps we are taking to keep our employees and clients healthy.

Our Covid Plan

We believe that we have come up with a world-class safety and sanitation plan that is going to minimize your risks whenever we carry out a service call. Well before our certified technician makes their way to your home or place of business, they are going to clean and sanitize their hands. After they arrive at the job site, they will then put on a sterile mask and gloves to prevent the spread of germs. Finally, our team member is going to do everything in their power to minimize contact with you and your loved ones. Even though these times might seem precarious, you still deserve to have a home that is completely pest-free.

Pests That We Can Help You Deal With

In addition to offering preventative pest control services for a wide array of local animals, we can also help you come up with a comprehensive extermination or removal plan if you are dealing with a specific bug or rodent. For rodents and other mammals, we might suggest a removal or relocation strategy that allows us to get those animals off your property as quickly as possible. Our team can also help you deal with cockroaches, bed bugs, wasps, ants, termites, and more. Those infestations can quickly bring your daily life to a grinding halt, and that is why it is so important to work with a reputable pest control company.

Request a Quote Today

If you are interested in safe and sanitary pest control services, then we invite you to request a free quote today. You can also call our office and speak with a team member who can further explain exactly what steps we are taking to prevent the spread of covid. We want our clients to have peace of mind while we provide them with world-class pest control services. Please call or email us today to learn more about all of the services that we offer