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If you own and/or manage a commercial property, it isn’t just you who is affected by a pest infestation. Your tenants and their businesses are also affected.

Colorado Pest Pros offer Property Management Commercial Pest Control Services. We will not only assess your property for current inhabitants, but we can also show you where the next infestation might come from. Our services are comprehensive and affordable and will give you peace of mind.

What Do Property Management Pest Pro Services Include?

Knowledge is power, and understanding the effects of a pest population on the home can make your tenant not only more aware, but also proactive in efforts to prevent infestation from happening at all.

Our techs make regular visits to your property in order to make sure that there are no new issues while checking to observe if previously set in place exclusion activities are still being practiced. This is a cost-effective way to make sure that both the tenants and the managers work together to keep pests away.

When there is new activity, our techs can quickly act upon the termination of the pest, removal of the nest, repair to any damages done to the structure, and any new exclusion protocols that need to be put in place.

Property Management Pest Control Legal Responsibility

It is imperative that property managers are proactive when it comes to issues with the property. The law states that as your tenant, there is an unspoken implied warranty of habitability.

You need to watch for signs of infestation by bedbugs, flies, wasps, rodents and cockroaches. Even though their nests can be difficult to pinpoint, they can seriously damage not only your property but your reputation as well. These pests also can bring significant health risks to your property.

An influx of bed bug cases has brought the issue to national attention. These bugs can be brought into one apartment and can easily spread through shared walls to the entire apartment complex. A bed bug infestation can be devastating to both tenant and property managers alike.

By using Colorado Pest Pros Property Management Commercial Pest Control services, you will have one less thing to worry about.

Benefits of Property Management Pest Control Services

  • Every time one of our techs is called to your property, they will carefully document their observations and recommendations. This way, for the next appointment, they can easily discover what was done and note what else was needed.
  • Educates tenants about prevention methods by teaching them about the pests themselves. Exclusion is an important part of pest control management, and our techs will help you educate new tenants about protocols already in place.
  • You will have techs who will already know you and your property. Your pest control needs will be as important to us as they are to you.
  • Your comprehensive property management program will be customized to your exact needs. We will make ourselves available to you through both regularly scheduled inspections and on-demand assessments as needed.

We are open Monday through Friday and by appointment only on Saturday. We will work with your schedule.

Bugs have no limits when it comes to where they end up living and eating, so all parts of the building will be inspected. Areas that have undergone recent repairs will be monitored to make sure that the repair is working as expected.

With a Commercial Pest Property Management Package, you will be billed monthly at an agreed-upon rate. Your rates will not go up during the duration of the contract. You will have access to our services at your convenience throughout the contract lifetime.