Office & Warehouse Management Pest Control Services

Office & Warehouse Management

Pest and rodent control needs for an office or warehouse environment differ from those of a food-handling establishment. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t have need for pest or rodent control in your facility.

Infestations of pests and/or rodents can happen anywhere. Colorado Pest Pros can help you get rid of your current infestation as well as help you take action so that you won’t be infested again.

Office and Warehouse Pest Control Issues

When your business is a warehouse, you may run into infestations by rodents that can compromise packaging of your products as well as contaminating the building your business is in as well.

Birds may also make their homes in your warehouse facility. These pests can use your packaging as components of their nests as well as leave droppings everywhere.

The most unexpected problems can come from the most unlikely sources. Bedbugs are skilled hitchhikers who are quite adept at finding their way into new locations. One stray bug can cause an entirely new infestation.

Office and Warehouse Pest Control Issues

Warehouses have different issues than other businesses. The benefits of our Commercial Pest Control program includes:

  • We have the experience to look for those areas where infestation begins and get rid of the problem.
  • We know what to do about excluding the pests from your facility.
  • We train your employees to be vigilant and how to keep systems we install intact.
  • We visit regularly to inspect your facility for regular inspections and make ourselves available to you whenever else you need our services.

Rodents can not only use packaging materials as nesting material, they can tunnel through walls and insulation. They can also chew through electrical wiring. They carry disease, and their droppings can contaminate product, packaging, and infect humans if they aren’t well-equipped to deal with it.

In this situation, yes they are. They can cause damage to structure, contaminate and spread disease through their droppings, and deface the outside of the building itself.

There are so many. Ants, cockroaches, termites, flies, each can cause their own type of damage. It all depends on the situation. The problems of one facility will not be the same as the problems of another. Only your Colorado Pest Pros technician can really assess the issue exactly.

By educating your employees as to practices that they can avoid in order to lessen the probability of future infestations. Things such as avoiding leaving food out or improper waste management practices that attract pests to the premises.