Dispensary & Greenhouse Pest Extermination Services

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The Cannabis industry is still relatively new to us. There are some very strict guidelines as to the use of pesticides in indoor grow facilities and outdoor greenhouses. Colorado Pest Pros can help you with the needs related to pest control in this important new industry.

Pests That Interfere with Cannabis Crops

Just like any other plant, Cannabis and hemp crops have threats from pests that have to be addressed. Aphids, mealybugs, caterpillars, ants, thrips, white flies and scared flies can all take a crop down. There is no choice other than to spray for these pests, but since cannabis is being grown for human consumption, there are very strict rules in place.

Cannabis Pesticide Control Laws

The Colorado Department of Agriculture has set strict laws as to the types of pesticides that can be used on cannabis crops because it is ultimately consumed my humans. The bottom line is that if it isn’t approved for tobacco, it won’t be approved for cannabis use.

Benefits of Dispensary and Grow House Commercial Pest Control

Your cannabis crop is ultimately very valuable, and you just want it to be healthy so that it can be sold through the various dispensaries. The Commercial Pest Control plan for Dispensaries and Grow Houses provides the following benefits:

  • Provide interior and exterior Rodent control and prevention.
  • Thorough inspections for possible pest activity.
  • Protect warehouses and dispensaries from insect infestations including spiders, mites, ants, and beetles that could be harmful to grow operations and finished products.

Most of the pesticides on the government approved list are made of a combination of essential oils such as Rosemary, Lemongrass, Cinnamon, and Ginger.

Yes, there are. The pesticides/insecticides made of essential oils are only good for grow house environments. Pesticides used on Greenhouse and outdoor crops tend to be chemical in nature.’

The allowed pesticides are those used on tobacco crops. It has been decided that since tobacco is considered fit for human consumption that the pesticides will be safe for cannabis crops as well.

The crops grown in Colorado are for both medical and recreational cannabis. Cannabis is legal in Colorado for both medical and recreational use. The cannabis is used to be smoked, distilled for topical applications, made into edibles, and made into other products such as supplements, tinctures, and e-cig juice of both the THC and CBD varieties.

Pests found in dispensaries are the same as those found in grow rooms. They are drawn. By the product that is still in bud form.