Restaurant & Foodservice Pest Extermination Services

Colorado Pest Pros -Restaurant & Foodservice

Pests are everywhere. Restaurants and other food service industry businesses know all too well how tough it is keeping the bugs and rodents out. With a smorgasbord of offerings that practically beg bugs and rodents to move in, the challenges of pest control for the food services industry are slightly different than they are for other industries.

Colorado Pest Pros have the experience needed to keep your restaurant safe from rodents and insects, and sanitary.

Pest Control Food Service Special Considerations

Restaurants deal with food. Their main business is to feed the masses. Colorado Pest Pros only use products that are non-toxic and safe for humans and their pets. These products, although perfectly safe will never come in contact with the food. Employees will be educated as to the best way to operate should there be signs of a new infestation to keep contamination and disease from coming in contact with food.

Benefits of Commercial Pest Control for Food Service

Our experienced technicians have been helping restaurants and other food service companies with their pest and rodent infestations. The benefits of this Commercial Pest Control program are:

  • Cost effective. A small payment each month gives you unlimited access to Colorado Pest Pros services. Our technicians will come in and check for pests and rodents on a regular basis to identify any new outbreaks and to make sure that exclusion protocols are being followed.
  • Assessments. Regular assessments by our technicians can identify if bugs or rodents are moving in to the premises. Our technicians will not only rid your property of the unwanted guests, they will repair any damage that were made by the rodents, and take precautions that they won’t be able to return.
  • Follow-up. Colorado Pest Pros will come out to assess whether the in-place fully guaranteed services provided are working. Our technicians will check on locations where repairs have been made, nests removed, and pesticides have been applied. They will look for signs of any new infestations. These visits will be scheduled at your convenience.

Any pesticides applied will be done in hours when the restaurant is closed. Employees will be educated on the products used and the safe handling of any signs of new infestation.

Our technicians will help you pass Health Department inspections by conducting frequent inspections to make sure that no pests or rodents are present. These inspections include looking for droppings and urine from rodents who could be carrying disease.

No. Your Commercial Food Service Plan allows you unlimited access to our services. We will send a technician out whenever the need arises.