Mice Extermination Services in Colorado

Mice can pose a serious health risk to humans. They are capable of spreading disease and can cause serious damage to your home. If you have a mouse infestation, you need to call Colorado Pest Pros for your mouse removal requirements.

How to Control Mice

The best way to keep mice from infesting your home is to keep them from entering. Mice can enter the walls of your home through a hole as small as the width of a dime. Patching up holes will deter them from making your walls their home.

The Mouse Extermination 3-Step Process

  1. Identification of species. Once the pest professional has identified and confirmed your mouse infestation issues, they will provide you with the various options towards getting rid of them.
  2. Evaluation of the infestation. The pest professional will find the nests and speculate on the size of the mouse community as well as give you some idea as to the damage they have already caused.
  3. Removal. Once all the factors are evaluated, your pest professional will remove the mice from your home.

Mice: Did You Know?

  • Mice are not only a threat because of feeding on your electrical and your drywall, their urine and droppings can contaminate you insulation as well.
  • Mice havre become quite comfortable and bold living with humans. Many might even act almost domesticated if they are allowed to remain comfortably in your environment.
  • Mice are partially colorblind. They are unable to perceive some colors of the colors that humans see.
  • Mice have incredibly sensitive whiskers that enable them to be extremely tactile creatures. If they are missing their whiskers, they will have a heightened sense of vision.
  • Due to the communal living habits of mice, with the females working together to feed each other’s pups, there is a lower mortality rate in their population. Females are capable of giving birth several times a year, and giving birth to anywhere from five to fourteen pups at a time.

There are two primary types of mice that live in the Denver area. They are house mice and deer mice. Both types are capable of entering your home and wreaking havoc.

Mice in the wild live anywhere from six months to two years. Since they are mammals, they are born alive and in litters. When there is a full community of mice, the females will nurse each other’s offspring.

Gestation lasts for 21 days. The pups are born completely hairless and blind. By two weeks of age, they have all their fur and their eyes begin to open.

Mice can be identified through visual observation of their presence, their droppings, and hearing them move about within the walls of your home.

Mice feed on drywall, wood, any food that they might find, and even electrical cords. They are a communal animal with cooperation in some areas and aggression in others. Most of the aggression is male vs male and usually involves a female or food.