How to Tackle the Pests that Threaten Your Warehouse

An infestation will bring your business to a grinding halt in the blink of an eye, and unwanted pests can result in some expensive issues if you aren’t careful. While dealing with rodents or bugs might seem overwhelming, our team is ready to help you take care of your pest problem. With a comprehensive treatment plan and a little bit of professional help, your warehouse could remain pest-free throughout the year.


It is an unfortunate fact that most warehouses have large entryways that are kept open throughout the day. Even if you keep your sliding doors and windows closed, pests could still get into the warehouse through small cracks and pinholes. That is why you should regularly check the building for any potential entry points. The easiest way to eliminate entry points is to cover the cracks and pinholes with all-purpose caulk.

Water Sources

If pests can’t find a source of water in your warehouse, then they will probably look for another area to build a nest or colony. Unfortunately, getting rid of moisture and standing water is easier said than done, and you will need to thoroughly examine your warehouse for any leaks or puddles at least once a month. Setting up moisture detectors is a great start, but a plumber might need to be called as well. You must also make sure that your warehouse has an adequate drainage system that will whisk away rain and snow.

Potential Food Sources

All pests need some type of food to survive, and that is why you must make sure that there aren’t any food sources inside your warehouse. For omnivores like mice and rats, you will need to get rid of materials like grains and nuts. Some pests also eat natural building materials, such as wood pylons and cellulose insulation. To get rid of those rodents and insects, you should have your warehouse regularly treated by Colorado Pest Pros. One of our team members can come up with a long-term pest control plan that greatly reduces your risk of future infestations.

Stopping Infestations Before They Start

Even if you do everything in your power to keep pests out of your warehouse, there will most likely come a point when you need to call in the pros. We understand just how frustrating a pest infestation can be, and we are devoted to using cutting-edge treatments that will protect your business. Our team has helped countless businesses throughout Denver and the surrounding communities deal with a variety of pests over the years. To learn more about our preventative pest control services, please contact us today to speak with one of our friendly and experienced technicians.