Top Three Pest Control Methods

Cockroaches, ants, mice, and other pests and rodents enter homes searching for warmth, shelter, and food. Once inside, they repopulate fast and become an out-of-control problem in a matter of weeks. Pest infestations are gross and costly since they ruin fixtures, emit odors into the home, destroy food and damage the home’s structure. Getting pests out of a home can be a costly endeavor that only increases the worse the problem becomes. Some pests carry diseases that they can transmit to humans and pets. Hate the idea of sharing your home with pests? Learn expert-recommended solutions that keep bugs out of your house, starting with the three below.

pest control denver1) Pesticides

Pesticides sold to the general public and those available only from a licensed pest control technician often rid spaces of pests quickly and effectively. Most pesticides are safe for the environment, pets, and children, but always research products before purchase. Hundreds of different pesticides and pesticide brands promise to protect your home, each offering different results. Research pesticides to find an effective product for your pest problem or save time and trouble and schedule an appointment with a Denver pest control company.

2) Keep the Home Clean

A clean home deters pests like mice and cockroaches that come inside with hopes of acquiring a delicious meal or 60 for themselves, family, and to store for the coming winter months. Clean the floors every day, take out the trash when it is full, wash dishes and never let them compound in the sink, and make sure to wipe down tables, appliances, etc. after use. Even a few crumbs can attract pests and cause big problems. It costs nothing to keep the house clean. On top of keeping pests away, a clean home poses fewer health risks and brings the family more comfort.

pest control denver3) Insect Growth Regulators

Insect Growth Regulators are another popular pest deterrent used in Colorado homes. These products inhibit the maturation process insects go through before reaching adulthood. These products do not work on adult insects but work on larvae/eggs instead. Growth regulators are a great option for households that catch pest problems early.

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