10 Items in Your Home that Mice and Rats Love

Finding a single mouse or rat in your home might not seem like a big deal, but those rodents are more destructive than most people realize. Within a matter of weeks, one or two stray rodents could turn into a major infestation that wreaks havoc on your household. Those animals can also impact your family’s health, and many of them carry a wide variety of germs. In order to keep rodents out of your home, you need to come up with a comprehensive pest control plan.

In addition to limiting their access to water and shelter, you must also make sure that rodents can’t find any type of food in your home. Here is a quick look at 10 common household foods and materials that are going to attract mice and rats.

Grain Products

Just like many other pests, rodents are constantly searching for foods that contain quite a few calories. Grain products like bread and muffins should be kept in airtight containers or your refrigerator


If rats are getting into your home and destroying your insulation, then you will need to seal up as many openings as possible. You must also speak with a pest control expert about setting out traps.

Clothing and Fabric

As a general rule, you shouldn’t let piles of clothing sit around your home for more than a few days. Hanging up your clothes and putting your bedding in closed cabinets will prevent rodents from using that fabric in their nests.


While some rats and mice will try to eat cardboard, they often chew on it out of curiosity. Those who are dealing with a rodent infestation should try to replace all of their old cardboard boxes with plastic bins.


Leaving piles of paper around your home will greatly increase your risk of a pest infestation. Even old books and magazines can be problematic, and you might want to store those items in airtight containers.

Electrical Wires

Mice and rats have teeth that are always growing, and they must constantly chew on items like electrical wires to wear their teeth down. Two of the best options for protecting your wires are burying them in concrete or covering them with metal or plastic channels.

Potting Soil

If you have rodents in your home, then you might notice that some of your potted plants are getting dug up. To keep mice and rats out of your plants, you will need to put them on stands or hang them up.


Furniture is filled with a wide variety of materials that rodents love including fabric, cushions, and wood. The best way to prevent damage to your furniture is to schedule preventative pest control services at least two or three times a year.

Pet Food

Many pet owners never even think about sealing up their pet food, and those products are going to be very enticing to rodents. Just like human food, pet food must be kept in thick plastic containers.

Other Pests

Rodents are classified as omnivores, and that means they will eat insects and other pests whenever possible. Keeping unwanted insects out of your home is going to be incredibly important if you are struggling with rats or mice.