Winter Pest Control Planning for your Colorado Home

Just because the warm weather has faded away doesn’t mean that your pest problems are going to disappear. During the most frigid months of the years, you could end up struggling with any number of insects and rodents making their way into your home and bringing your life to a grinding halt. While some of those pests might not be immediately dangerous, they could damage your property and make everyday activities unbearable. If you are ready to enjoy a safe and comfortable winter, then it is time for you to think about preventative Colorado pest control services and some simple home maintenance.

The Importance of Winterizing Your Home for Pest Control

It is an unfortunate fact that many homeowners never even consider pest control during the cold Colorado winters. While there are many prevalent pests that families and business owners struggle with during the spring and summer months, those aren’t the only seasons when pests are going to invade. As the weather cools off, quite a few bugs and rodents are going to be looking for new places to nest and find food. In some cases, that might be inside your home, shed, or any other structures that are on your property.

When you winterize your home, you are essentially making it more efficient and able to withstand the elements. That process will require a few different maintenance tasks, and that includes sealing up as many holes and cracks as possible. By blocking those openings, you are going to improve your home’s efficiency and remove potential entry points where unwanted pests might get in. Winterizing a home also involves a careful inspection of the attic, crawlspaces, and other areas where pests might have already begun to create nests and colonies.

Pests That You Could Find in Your Home During the Winter Months

Even though some insects and mammals either die off or migrate when freezing temperatures hit, others are going to stay in the area and look for new homes. The types of animals that you end up struggling with during the winter months depend on a few different factors, but there are some common pests in Colorado Springs, Denver, and the surrounding communities. Bed bugs are particularly pervasive during the wintertime, and that type of infestation can be catastrophic. Those insects could be brought into your home during the holidays as you invite guests into your home.

Rodents are another problem in Colorado, and those mammals will immediately look for new shelter as soon as the outdoor temperatures drop. When rodents begin to multiply in a home, they can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage in a very short period of time. Some of the other wintertime pests that you might find yourself struggling with include cockroaches, termites, spiders, and earwigs.

Wintertime Pest Control That You Can Carry Out on Your Own

Well before the first frost of the season, you should spend a little bit of time working on your home. While that extra maintenance might feel like a lot of work, it will greatly reduce your risk of a winter pest infestation. One of the first things that you should do is seal up any cracks or holes that you can find in the interior or exterior walls. Those openings are typically found around doorways, windows, vents, pipes, and electrical lines. The easiest way to seal the openings is with some high-quality caulk and a caulking gun. You can also cover larger openings with metal vent mesh that will keep larger mammals from getting into your home.

It is important for homeowners to make sure that they aren’t providing pests with any food or water as well. If rodents and insects don’t have access to food and water, then they will die off or leave the home on their own. Some of the places where they might find water include cabinets under faucets, the walls around a restroom, or inside a basement. You should also clean up as soon as you are done eating and keep all of your food in sturdy containers that can’t be chewed through. Those few simple steps will minimize your risk of an exploding pest population that makes your family’s life unpleasant.

Working With Our Denver and Colorado Springs Pest Control Team

While you can do quite a bit of pest control on your own, you should also work with a team of professionals. Our Denver and Colorado Springs pest control team can help you come up with a comprehensive plan for preventing rodent and insect infestations. We use a variety of products and tactics to exterminate existing pests and prevent future problems. During our initial consultation, we will look over every inch of your property before coming up with a customized plan that works for you and your family.

Enjoying a Pest-Free Home This Winter

Our team understands just how devastating a wintertime infestation can be, and that is why we are devoted to helping residents of Denver, Colorado Springs, and the surrounding communities with world-class pest control services. Our residential pest control experts use eco-friendly products that are extremely effective and safe to use around your children and pets. By working together, we believe that we can help you keep rodents and insects out of your home throughout the year.

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