3 Reasons You’re Seeing More Bugs this Summer

If you feel like bug and rodent infestations are more common this summer, then you might not be wrong. While many bugs head indoors during the coldest months of the year, some of them wait to reproduce and travel when the weather warms up. That is why homeowners often see huge explosions in bug and rodent populations during the summer months. Here is a quick glimpse at three of the most common reasons why bugs become more visible during the summer and some simple tips and tricks that you can use to keep them at bay.

Outdoor Clutter

Everyone loves to enjoy a beautiful piece of land when the weather is comfortable, but all of your extra landscaping could be having an impact on the pests on your property. Whenever homeowners pile up leaves, outdoor toys, and other debris, it creates the perfect environment for certain pests. Many insects won’t reproduce until they find a comfortable place to nest, and the extra debris in your yard could be creating that environment. Those are just a few of the reasons why you should make sure that your property remains clutter-free throughout the year. Leaving clippings and other foliage on your property for just a few days will entice a wide variety of critters that you would like to avoid.

Easier Access to Food and Water

In addition to eating natural foliage on your property, bugs will also look for consistent sources of water and human food. After you host a summer party, a handful of crumbs left out overnight could attract countless critters. One of the easiest ways to keep those bugs off your property is to thoroughly clean up any food that is left outside or on the counter. You should also regularly inspect your property for any standing water. That moisture will often be found around hoses, spigots, and water toys that have been left outside. Without access to a consistent source of food and water, many pests will avoid your property entirely.

Fewer Natural Predators

Even though quite a few animals become more active during the warm summer months, some predators will minimize their activity to conserve energy. This is especially common in hotter areas where hunting for prey in hot weather can be dangerous for certain species. Without birds, larger insects, and other predators to limit their population, some bugs breed exponentially in a matter of weeks. To minimize the population of invasive bugs, it is vital that you schedule regular pest control services with one of our experienced professionals. They will use effective pest control methods for eradicating current infestations and preventing future bug issues.

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