Fall Prep for These 5 Major Pests in Colorado

While many people think of pests as a summer problem, an infestation can take place at any time. When the weather begins to cool off and the winter storms roll in, you could find a wide variety of unwanted pests in your home. Here is a quick look at five of the most common local pests that you might encounter and some simple steps that you can take to keep them off your property.


Even though a few mice might seem like a minor issue, those rodents will quickly spread throughout a piece of property and potentially cause a tremendous amount of damage. Within a short period, mice will chew through drywall, damage wires, and even contaminate your food. Luckily, there are a few simple steps that you can take to keep mice out of your home. In addition to preventative pest control services, you should also seal up your home and make sure that there isn’t any food or water out that might attract the rodents.


Many different species of spiders lay their eggs during the fall, and that is why they will often make their way into various buildings once the weather cools off. Much like mice, spiders will typically look for a quiet place to nest and a consistent source of food and water in a home. You should also seal up any openings you can find around doors, windows, and vents.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be more of a nuisance than most people realize, and those insects often spread throughout the home in a matter of weeks. Keeping your home as clean and sanitary as possible is the most efficient way to keep bed bugs away from your family, but you should also be careful with any clutter that is in your home. Bed bugs will typically stay inside a home if they have comfortable fabric to live in where they can breed and create safe nests.


Most ants aren’t dangerous to humans, but they can become a major nuisance and cover the entirety of a house within days. While keeping your home as sanitary as possible is a great start, this is another pest that generally requires professional assistance. One of our team members will attempt to identify which species of ant is on your property and then create a personalized plan for removing the current bugs and preventing future problems.


Cockroaches tend to enter a hibernation-like state when the weather is cold, but they will remain active if they find a warm home with plenty of food and water. To keep those bugs out of your home, you need to seal up any openings that you can find and inspect your home for signs of moisture or standing water. It is also recommended that homeowners seal up their food in airtight containers that are made from glass or thick plastic.

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