Planning for Summer: How to Keep the Bugs Out

Summer is the free season, the time of year when we live it up at the beach, travel more, and spend time outside as much as possible while the weather permits. One of the most dreaded aspects of summer is the pests in Denver that enjoy it just as much as humans.

The Risk of Pests in Denver

Mosquitoes, bees, wasps, ticks, ants, and cockroaches love the summer weather as much as humans. They come out in full force when it’s hot and humid outside, much to the heartache of humans who know all-too-well how pests can ruin outdoor fun, fixtures, and food in the home, and potentially transmit diseases.

Pest problems in Denver can:

  • Lead to respiratory problems
  • Lead to hundreds to thousands of dollars in damages
  • Causes diseases in humans and pets
  • Pollute indoor air

Keep Pests Away: Tips for Success

If you want to fight back against pests this summer so you can enjoy all the excitement the season brings, use the following tips to keep pests out of your home.

Inspect the House

Check out windows and doorways to make sure there are no cracks that allow easy entry for pests. Get down on the floor to look for cracks in baseboards and flooring that also allow pests inside the home. Caulk up any cracks or holes that you find to block off the entryway for pests.

Bug Repellants

From citronella candles to bug sprays, bug repellants can make it easier to get outside without the fear of bugs biting you. Research the different bug repellents to find something that is non-toxic, safe, and provides results.

colorado exterminatorDon’t Ignore Leaks and Wet Spaces

Leaky faucets, wet crawl spaces, and moisture problems can lead to many potential health problems and structural damage to the home. Standing water outside the house is yet another concern. These issues can also cause pest infestations that will be difficult to eliminate. Clear up all leaks and wet spaces so you aren’t dealing with a huge pest problem.

Clean the House

After the inspection, clean the house and make sure this becomes a top property. Vacuum, sweep, and mop floors at least once per week take out trash as needed, and clean tables and other surfaces after use. Even a tiny crumb can attract an army of ants, cockroaches, or other pests indoors.

Go All-Natural

Many all-natural pest solutions can conquer a problem with bugs. The best natural pest repellent differs from one pest to another. Learn the best natural repellents for your specific problem and give it a try. Many people swear by natural repellents and you might find the same results, too!

If pests persist despite your best efforts to tackle a problem or if you want to ensure there’s never an infestation at your home, schedule pest control services or call us at 720.422.1083 in Denver and at 719.213.9234 in Colorado Springs.