Top Three Ways to Eliminate Mice From Your Home

If you are rodent-friendly, do not allow your love for critters to cause a big problem in your home. A mouse infestation can quickly grow out of hand. A single female mouse can produce hundreds of offspring in the first months of her life, as can those offspring. Before you know it, mice have taken over your house, putting your property and loved ones at risk.

Mice nibble away at clothing, wood, paper, insulation, and other items in a house. They bite into packages of food and leave feces behind everywhere they go. Mice also carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans via these feces. To minimize the risk of damage and health concerns, use one of the top three mouse elimination strategies below for great results.

Cover/Repair Holes & Gaps

Closely inspect your home for holes and gaps in flooring, baseboards, pipes, and outside spaces like garages and sheds. Mice easily enter homes through these holes and gaps. Cover or repair the holes to seal off the entry point and reduce the risk of future infestations.

Rodent Control in Colorado Springs

Numerous options for rodent control in Colorado Springs exist, each offering varying degrees of efficiency. Minor mouse problems can sometimes be treated with these products, however, severe infestations often require help from pest control companies in Denver. Keep in mind the CDC advises against using glue traps and live bait to control rodents.

rodent control denverMake the Home Less Mouse-Friendly

Mice enter homes seeking warmth, comfort, and of course, food. Keep mice out of your house making it less mouse-friendly and clean. Sure, mice live in clean homes but they prefer homes that aren’t so tidy that have food, shelter, and comfort readily available.

Remember to complete the following tasks regularly to keep mice out of your house:

  • Take out the trash
  • Wipe down tables, countertops, appliances, etc. after each use
  • Never leave food sitting out
  • Clean the floors daily

Don’t hesitate to take action at the first sign of a mouse infestation in your home. If you don’t get the desired results using the strategies above, let the pros handle the problem and rid your house of mice.

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