What is the Best Way to Prevent Pest Infestation?

Home sweet home; until pests come along. If you enjoy the comfort of your pest-free home, the following tips help keep bugs out of your sight and off your property, minimizing or eliminating the risk of damage to your personal belongings, the structure of the home, and the transmission of diseases like Malaria and Lyme disease. Although pest control requires more than one specific trick, keeping bugs out of your Denver home is not complicated. It’s good to be at home when pests aren’t part of the crowd!

Clean the House -Concentrating on the Floors

Bugs live wherever they can, especially when cold weather comes around. Their preference leans toward dirty or cluttered homes since they offer more hiding spaces and generally, easier access to food. Keep the home clean to keep pests out. They’re more likely to infest dirty homes than clean ones. A clean home is a comfortable home. Concentrate on flooring and wipe down countertops, tables, etc. after use to keep crumbs out of the kitchen.

pest control denverPatch Holes & Cracks

Pests need an entry point to get inside your house. Seal off their means of entry by patching up holes and cracks. A quick but thorough inspection of the house reveals conspicuous entry spaces that pests can use to enter your home. Inspect baseboards, floors, walls, and window seals and doors for possible entry points and patch up the areas to keep pests out.


Upgrade to a trash can with a lid if you don’t currently use this type of can. Lids help keep out pests and prevent major infestations. Make sure all unwanted and used items make it inside the trash can and that you take the bag outside to the larger can for pickup as soon as it becomes filled with trash.

Proper Food Storage

Store pantry food inside storage containers. The containers keep foods fresher longer and help keep pests away. Containers are sold at many retailers and cost as little as a couple of bucks each.

Exterior Cleanup

Keeping pests out of the house starts with proper landscaping and a clean exterior. Mosquitoes, for example, invite themselves to homes with standing water. Clean gutters to prevent pest infestations and do not allow debris to accumulate outside the home.

pest control coloradoSchedule Pest Control

Preventative pest control helps protect your home against all sorts of bugs. Done properly, pest control in Denver is needed only once or twice per year. Professional Colorado Springs pest control gives you added peace of mind against pest infestations.

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