7 Ways of Controlling Pests in Plants

House plants liven up any space in a home. They clean indoor air and provide an easy way to bring Colorado’s natural beauty inside. House plants also cause bugs who love nibbling on them for dinner, lunch, breakfast, snack, and just because.

Bugs are bad news when you find them in your plants. In no time, you’ll notice a decline in the health of your plants until they eventually wilt away and die. If you’ve grown the plants from seeds, this experience is quite devastating.

Don’t let your hard work go to waste! The following seven tips help keep pests out of your plants. Although nothing can guarantee a pest-free garden, these tips minimize the risk of an infestation.

1. Use Sticky Traps

Sticky Traps keep flies, earwigs, and other small insects away from your plants. Just place one of the Sticky Traps on the wall in front of the plant to provide a protective barrier that catches the bug. The traps come in many shapes and sizes and repel many different types of pests.

2. Use a Soil Barrier

Many bugs that invade plants would rather enjoy the soil than the leaves. Prevent plant destruction by placing a soil barrier over the soil. Prefer a more natural option? Sprinkle cinnamon into the soil to prevent pests.

pest control denver3. Bug Sprays

DIY bug sprays are sold online and at various retailers and home improvement stores. Both natural and regular bug spray options are available. Research choices to find the best spray for your needs.

4. Essential Oils

Try essential oils if you want an all-natural way to keep bugs off of your plants. Lavender, clove, and mint are three popular options that keep pests away from your plants.

5. Choose the Right Plants

This tip won’t help much if you have plants that need protecting right now, but good information to keep in mind in the future. Choosing the right plants can save a lot of headaches and battle against pests. Many plants naturally repel pests, including Marigolds, Lemongrass, and Basil.

6. Clean the Leaves

Castille soap and water can clean the leaves so they do not collect dirt and dust. Bugs lay mites on such leaves, which is the beginning of a serious pest problem.

colorado pest control7. Frogs and Ladybugs

Although many animals eat insects, drugs and ladybugs are two of the best to introduce to your house plants and garden for this task. It is an easy, all-natural way to feed an animal and keep your plants healthy.

If you can’t get bugs off your plants, it’s time to take professional action. CO Pest Pros would love to help eliminate bugs from your plants and home.

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