5 Fall Pest Control Tips

Seal Up Entry Points

At least a few times a year, homeowners should spend some time sealing up all of the potential entry points that they can find around their homes. You might notice cracks and small holes around doors, windows, exhaust vents, attic vents, pipes, electrical lines, and outdoor spigots. For small holes, the openings can be sealed with all-purpose caulk and a caulking gun. Vents and other large openings should be covered with pre-made grates or wire mesh.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

When your home’s gutters and downspouts aren’t regularly cleaned, it could result in quite a bit of standing water. Over time, that excess water is going to attract rodents and many other types of pests. If your home is surrounded by trees, then you might need to clean the gutters and downspouts as often as once every few weeks. You also have the option of using a gutter guard and strainer that will keep debris out of those channels.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

If a pest can find a consistent source of food in your home, then it will most likely create a nest and quickly begin to multiply. Keeping your entire home clutter-free is a great start, but you should spend some time focusing on your kitchen. Food in the pantry must be kept in thick plastic containers, and all of the dirty dishes must be cleaned and put away each night. Pet food can attract pests as well, and it should be put away every night in a container that rodents and bugs can’t gnaw through.

Trim Your Trees and Bushes

When piles of leaves and branches build up around the foundation of your home, it is going to create the perfect environment for pests. That debris can be used to build nests, and it might even result in unwanted moisture and standing water on your property. Regularly cleaning your yards will make it much for difficult for animals to create nests and colonies where they can multiply. It is also recommended that homeowners keep piles of firewood at least 20 or 30 feet from their homes.

Schedule a Service Call

These pest control steps are a great start, but you should also work with a reputable pest control expert who has experience with local rodents and bugs. Here at Colorado Pest Pros, our team would love to help you come up with a plan that eradicates any animals that are on your property and prevents future infestations. Please call or email us today to speak with one of our friendly and experienced team members.