Top 3 Pest Control Tips & Tricks

Keeping your home pest-free maximizes the comfort and health of your family members but also prevents damage to the home caused by mice, cockroaches, ants, and other pests. Pests also carry diseases like Malaria, Yellow Fever, and Dengue that can be transmitted to humans. Every Colorado resident should make pest control a top priority. Here are 5 top ways to get rid of pests and keep them out of your home.

pest control denverClean the Kitchen

Maintaining a clean home ensures good air quality and comfort for the family. Focus on the kitchen where pests tend to live once inside your house.

  • Wipe down tables, countertops, appliances, etc. after each use. Even small crumbs can attract big pest problems.
  • Take out the trash when it’s full
  • Never leave food sitting out for prolonged periods
  • Do not allow dishes to compound in the sink or dishwasher
  • Keep the pantry neat and organized; don’t forget to clean the floors in the pantry just as you clean the floors in the kitchen. Use sealed containers to store food like beans, pasta, and cereal.

Restrict Entry Points

Mice, cockroaches, ants, and other pests and rodents make their way into your home through holes and cracks between pipes and fixtures, in baseboards, windows and doors, and other conspicuous areas. Look high and look low for possible pest entry points and seal them off immediately. Caulk works great for this project.

pest control denverThink About the Outside of Your Home

If the exterior of your home is dirty, filled with trash or debris, or otherwise pest-friendly, expect an infestation inside your house very soon if it’s not already a problem. Keep trash picked up out of the yard, don’t leave pet food sitting outside, and make sure that it’s otherwise neat outside, too. If you plant a garden on your property, use proper pesticides to keep bugs away from your fruits, herbs, flowers, and veggies.

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