When is the Best Time to Plan for Summer Pest Control?

Pests cause a lot of problems once they’re inside your home. They cause diseases, destroy furniture and personal belongings, smell horribly of odors, and are pretty gross to spot. Preventing a pest infestation before it starts is the best way to keep your home comfortable and pest-free. Annual pest control in Denver can minimize problems with pests.

pest control denverBest Time to Treat Pests in Colorado Springs

Spring is the best season to have your home sprayed for pests. Temperatures are cooler during the spring, meaning there are fewer pests present. Treatments are more efficient when there are fewer pests to kill. Treating during the spring also destroyed nests and colonies, further preventing pest infestations.

When temperatures rise, so do the number of pests you will see inside and outside of your home. Bugs are more active during the summer season and you’ll notice many new bugs now, including ticks and mosquitoes.

Insects breed and multiply quickly, meaning a problem can erupt in a matter of weeks. Whether it is cockroaches, mosquitos, ladybugs, ants, or other types of bugs, you don’t want to incur a problem with them on your property.

One Annual Pest Control Treatment in Denver

Spraying for pests during the spring makes the pesticides more effective and last longer. You’ll likely need only one annual treatment if you spray during the spring. Unless, of course, you notice pests roaming around the home. In this case, calling pest control experts is important.

More active pest infestations in Denver require more treatments, which is likely to happen if you don’t spray during the spring.

With that being said, don’t hesitate to reach out to CO Pest Pros if you suspect a pest infestation at your home, no matter the season. Although treating infestations is more difficult after the spring season, it is not impossible.

pest control denverPest Control in Colorado Springs

Pest control in Denver keeps pests out of your home, eliminating the risks and worry that infestations bring. Pests come inside homes looking for shelter, food, and comfort. If they find it in your home, expect guests that never leave without pest control in Colorado Springs. If you want to avoid pest problems, schedule pest control service during the spring or as soon as you are ready to take control of your home.

Once you spray for pests in Colorado Springs, you don’t need another treatment for an entire year, unless there are problems with pests again before this time. As long as you choose the right pesticides and pest control products, that should not be of concern.

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